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NameAndrew Young
Age92 years
Date of BirthMarch 12, 1932
CountryUnited States
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Andrew Young, a prominent figure in the Civil Rights Movement and a respected politician, has had a remarkable personal and professional journey that has left a lasting impact on society. Born on March 12, 1932, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Young grew up to become a key player in the fight for equality and justice.

Early Life and Education

Young's commitment to social justice was evident from a young age. He took boxing lessons with his brother before pursuing a divinity degree from Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1955. This early exposure to the importance of discipline and determination laid the foundation for his future endeavors in activism and public service.

Role in the Civil Rights Movement

Young's involvement in the Civil Rights Movement was pivotal. He was a close friend and supporter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and played a significant role in organizing protests and advocating for change. As a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Young was at the forefront of efforts to combat racial discrimination and inequality.

Political Career

Young's dedication to social justice extended into his political career. He served as the Mayor of Atlanta and Congressman from Georgia, where he continued to champion civil rights and economic empowerment for marginalized communities. In 1977, he was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations by President Jimmy Carter, further solidifying his reputation as a respected leader on the global stage.

Personal Life

Despite his busy professional life, Young also found time for personal fulfillment. He married his second wife, Carolyn Young, in 1996, and has been a devoted family man throughout his life. His parents, Andrew Jackson Young Sr. and Daisy Fuller Young, instilled in him the values of compassion and integrity that have guided his actions and decisions.

Legacy and Impact

Andrew Young's legacy is one of courage, resilience, and unwavering commitment to justice. His contributions to the Civil Rights Movement and his leadership in politics have inspired generations of activists and leaders to continue the fight for equality and human rights. His work has left an indelible mark on society, reminding us of the power of perseverance and the importance of standing up for what is right.


Q: What are some of Andrew Young's notable achievements?

  • Key figure in the Civil Rights Movement
  • Served as Mayor of Atlanta and Congressman from Georgia
  • Appointed Ambassador to the United Nations by President Jimmy Carter

Q: How has Andrew Young's personal life influenced his career?

Andrew Young's strong family values and upbringing have shaped his dedication to social justice and public service. His commitment to equality and fairness is rooted in the lessons he learned from his parents.

Q: What is Andrew Young's lasting impact on society?

Andrew Young's tireless advocacy for civil rights and his leadership in politics have had a profound impact on society. His work has paved the way for greater inclusion and equality for all individuals, regardless of race or background.