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NameAndy Borowitz
Age66 years
Date of BirthJanuary 4, 1958
CountryUnited States
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Andy Borowitz, born on January 4, 1958, in Shaker Heights, Ohio, is a renowned American comedian and author known for his witty satire and humor. His career has spanned decades, and he has left an indelible mark on the world of comedy and literature. Let's delve into the personal and professional journey of this talented individual, exploring his achievements, notable works, and impact on the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Education

Andy Borowitz's journey began in Shaker Heights, Ohio, where he was born and raised. He displayed a knack for comedy from a young age, honing his skills through various school performances and activities. After completing his high school education, Borowitz went on to attend Harvard University, where he would make a significant impact on the campus comedy scene.

At Harvard, Borowitz became involved with the prestigious Harvard Lampoon humor magazine, eventually rising to the position of president. His sharp wit and clever humor earned him recognition among his peers and set the stage for his future success in the comedy world.

Professional Career

After graduating from Harvard in 1980, Andy Borowitz embarked on a successful career in comedy writing. He made a name for himself as a writer for various television shows and publications, showcasing his unique comedic style and satirical voice. In 2001, Borowitz launched The Borowitz Report, a satirical news column that would become immensely popular and earn him widespread acclaim.

One of Borowitz's most notable achievements was winning the first National Press Club award for humor, solidifying his status as a comedic force to be reckoned with. His ability to blend humor with social commentary and political satire has earned him a dedicated following and a place among the comedy greats.

Personal Life and Legacy

Andy Borowitz's personal life is just as intriguing as his professional career. He married fellow author Olivia Gentile, and together they have three children. Despite the demands of his busy career, Borowitz has managed to maintain a balance between work and family, showcasing his commitment to both his craft and his loved ones.

Throughout his career, Andy Borowitz has not only entertained audiences with his comedy but has also inspired a new generation of comedians and writers. His unique voice and fearless approach to satire have paved the way for others to push boundaries and challenge conventional thinking in the world of comedy.


Q: What is Andy Borowitz's most famous work?
A: Andy Borowitz is best known for his satirical news column, The Borowitz Report, which has garnered a large following for its humorous take on current events.

Q: Has Andy Borowitz received any awards for his work?
A: Yes, Andy Borowitz won the first National Press Club award for humor, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the world of comedy.

Q: How has Andy Borowitz's comedy influenced the industry?
A: Andy Borowitz's unique blend of humor, satire, and social commentary has inspired a new generation of comedians and writers to push boundaries and challenge conventional thinking in the entertainment industry.