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NameBeya Zardi
ProfessionRadio Host
Age58 years
Date of BirthAugust 3, 1965
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Name: Beya Zardi

Profession: Radio and Television Host

Birthday: August 3

Birthyear: 1965

Birthplace: Tunisia


Beya Zardi is a prominent Tunisian radio and television host, as well as an accomplished actress. Known for her engaging personality and charismatic presence, she has captured the hearts of audiences across Tunisia with her popular shows.

Early Career

Beya Zardi began her career as a television host in 1983, presenting for Tunisian Television 1. Her natural talent for connecting with audiences quickly made her a household name in Tunisia. Over the years, she honed her skills and expanded her repertoire, becoming a versatile host capable of entertaining and informing viewers with ease.

Acting Career

In 2009, Beya Zardi ventured into the world of acting, showcasing her talent and versatility on the screen. She appeared in the soap opera Maktoub, winning accolades for her performance. Her on-screen presence and emotive performances captivated audiences and solidified her reputation as a talented actress.

In 2014, Beya Zardi starred in the film Tunisian Spring, further showcasing her acting prowess. Her ability to bring characters to life with depth and authenticity earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following.

Personal Life

Beya Zardi married Tunisian composer Slim Dammak in 1989, embarking on a journey of love and partnership. Despite their divorce in 2002, Beya Zardi's personal life has been a source of inspiration and growth for her, shaping her into the strong and resilient individual she is today.

Professional Achievements

Throughout her career, Beya Zardi has hosted the popular variety show Mouzika on the channel Tounisie 7, captivating audiences with her charm and wit. Additionally, her radio talk show Ala Dhaou El Goumayra has become a hit among listeners, earning her a loyal following of over 30,000 fans on her Facebook account.

With a career spanning over three decades, Beya Zardi has made a lasting impact on the Tunisian entertainment industry, leaving a legacy of excellence and creativity.

Interview with Aicha Attia

One of the highlights of Beya Zardi's career was her interview with Aicha Attia on her radio show. The insightful conversation between the two talented hosts offered a glimpse into the lives and experiences of two influential women in Tunisian media.


Beya Zardi's journey from a budding television host to a respected actress and radio personality is a testament to her talent, dedication, and passion for her craft. With a career filled with achievements and milestones, she continues to inspire and entertain audiences with her unique blend of charisma and talent.


Q: What is Beya Zardi's most popular show?

A: Beya Zardi is best known for hosting the variety show Mouzika on Tounisie 7.

Q: When did Beya Zardi begin her acting career?

A: Beya Zardi ventured into acting in 2009, starring in the soap opera Maktoub.

Q: How many followers does Beya Zardi have on her Facebook account?

A: Beya Zardi has amassed over 30,000 followers on her herbeya.zardi Facebook account.