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NameBilly Putman
ProfessionReality Star
Age40 years
Date of BirthAugust 22, 1983
CountryUnited States
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Name: Billy Putman

Profession: Reality Star

Birthday: August 22, 1983

Birthplace: Michigan, United States


Billy Putman, the first-born child of Bill and Barb Putman, rose to fame alongside his family on the TLC reality show Meet the Putmans. His journey from a construction worker to a reality star has been filled with ups and downs, but through it all, he has remained dedicated to his family and their business.

Early Life and Career

Born in Michigan in 1983, Billy grew up working in his family's construction business, Putman Developing and Demolition. Alongside his siblings Blair and Brandon, he honed his skills in construction and learned the value of hard work from a young age. Despite the challenges of working in a demanding industry, Billy always had a passion for entertaining others.

Rise to Fame

The Putman family's big break came when Brandon and their father applied for ABC's Wipeout. Although the show was canceled, their application caught the eye of producers, leading to the creation of Meet the Putmans. The show followed the daily lives of the Putman family, showcasing their unique dynamics and close-knit relationships.

Personal Life

Billy is married to his wife Jen, and together they have four daughters: Izzy, Abby, Addison, and Gabby. Their family dynamic is a central theme on Meet the Putmans, with viewers getting a glimpse into their everyday lives and the challenges they face as a large, multigenerational family.

Business Ventures

Outside of his reality TV career, Billy continues to work with his family in their construction business. Putman Developing and Demolition has grown over the years, thanks in part to the exposure from the show. Billy's dedication to his work and his family's business has been a driving force behind their success.

Legacy and Impact

As a reality star, Billy has not only entertained audiences but also inspired others to appreciate the importance of family and hard work. His journey from a construction worker to a TV personality serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the value of staying true to one's roots.


Q: How many siblings does Billy Putman have?

A: Billy has two siblings, Blair and Brandon, who also appear on Meet the Putmans.

Q: What is the name of Billy's construction business?

A: Billy works with his family in Putman Developing and Demolition.

Q: How many children does Billy have?

A: Billy and his wife Jen have four daughters: Izzy, Abby, Addison, and Gabby.

Through his journey of family, fame, and construction, Billy Putman has left a lasting impact on audiences around the world. His dedication to his work, his family, and his values is a testament to the power of staying true to oneself. As he continues to navigate the challenges of reality TV stardom, one thing remains constant: Billy Putman will always be a devoted son, husband, father, and businessman.