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NameCalvin Crooks
ProfessionReality Star
Age34 years
Date of BirthApril 17, 1990
CountryUnited States
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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Calvin Crooks, born on April 17, 1990, in the United States, has captured the hearts of millions with his infectious personality and undeniable talent. While he first gained recognition as a popular TikTok star with over 10 million users and 19 million fans, his journey to stardom began long before his social media fame.

From a young age, Calvin was drawn to the world of entertainment, showcasing his creativity and passion for performance. His journey took a new turn when he made his first appearance on Instagram in April 2012, quickly gaining a following for his engaging content and charismatic presence.

Professional Success and Multifaceted Talents

Despite his success in the digital realm, Calvin's talents extend far beyond social media. As a dedicated vegetarian, he is passionate about health and wellness, leading him to pursue a career as a nutritionist, private chef, and personal trainer. His commitment to helping others achieve their fitness goals has earned him a reputation as a trusted wellness expert.

In addition to his work in the health and wellness industry, Calvin has also made a name for himself as a skilled chef, delighting clients with his culinary creations and innovative approach to cooking. His diverse skill set and unwavering dedication to his craft have set him apart as a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life and Cultural Heritage

Calvin's background is as rich and diverse as his talents, with roots in both Jamaican and Cuban heritage. His cultural upbringing has influenced his approach to life and work, instilling in him a deep sense of pride and connection to his heritage.

As a devout Christian, Calvin finds strength and inspiration in his faith, guiding him through the ups and downs of his journey. His commitment to his beliefs and values shines through in everything he does, serving as a source of motivation and resilience in the face of challenges.

Recent Achievements and The Circle Experience

In September 2021, Calvin embarked on a new chapter in his career as a contestant on season three of The Circle, a popular reality TV show on Netflix. His appearance on the show introduced him to a global audience, further solidifying his status as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Throughout his time on The Circle, Calvin captivated viewers with his authenticity, humor, and genuine personality. His dynamic presence and infectious energy endeared him to fans around the world, earning him a dedicated following and widespread acclaim.


Q: What are Calvin Crooks' personal interests?

A: Calvin is a passionate soccer player and enjoys staying active and fit.

Q: What are some of Calvin Crooks' professional contributions?

A: Calvin is a talented chef, nutritionist, and personal trainer, known for his expertise in health and wellness.

Q: What financial achievements has Calvin Crooks made?

A: While specific financial details are not publicly disclosed, Calvin's success as a social media influencer and reality TV star has undoubtedly contributed to his financial stability and growth.

Q: How has Calvin Crooks impacted the entertainment industry?

A: Calvin's unique blend of talents, cultural heritage, and personal charisma have made him a standout figure in the entertainment industry, inspiring others with his story of perseverance and success.