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NameCindy Sheehan
Age66 years
Date of BirthJuly 10, 1957
CountryUnited States
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Cindy Sheehan is a well-known American anti-war activist who gained international attention for her vocal opposition to the Iraq War. She became a prominent figure in the peace movement after her son, Casey Sheehan, was killed in action during the war in 2004. Since then, she has dedicated her life to advocating for peace, social justice, and human rights.

Early Life and Education

Cindy Sheehan was born on July 10, 1957, in Inglewood, California. She grew up in a working-class family and attended local schools in California. She went on to study at Los Angeles Harbor College and later transferred to UCLA, where she earned a degree in history.

Activism and Anti-War Protests

After the death of her son, Cindy Sheehan became a vocal critic of the Iraq War and the Bush administration's policies. She gained national attention in 2005 when she set up a protest camp outside President George W. Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. She demanded to meet with the president to discuss the war and its impact on American families.

Peace Movement and Advocacy Work

Since her protest in Crawford, Cindy Sheehan has continued to be a leading voice in the peace movement. She has participated in numerous anti-war protests, speaking engagements, and advocacy campaigns. She has also written several books on her experiences and activism.

Personal Life

Cindy Sheehan is a mother of four children and a grandmother. She has been married twice and currently resides in California. Despite facing personal tragedies and challenges, she remains committed to her activism and advocacy work.

Net Worth and Assets

As of 2024, Cindy Sheehan's net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. She earns income from book sales, speaking engagements, and donations to her advocacy organization. She lives a modest lifestyle and donates much of her earnings to various charitable causes.

Recognition and Awards

Throughout her career, Cindy Sheehan has received numerous awards and honors for her activism and advocacy work. She has been recognized by organizations such as Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, and the American Civil Liberties Union for her dedication to peace and social justice.

Legacy and Impact

Cindy Sheehan's legacy as an anti-war activist and advocate for peace will continue to inspire future generations. Her courage, passion, and commitment to social justice have made a lasting impact on the world. She has shown that one person can make a difference and create positive change through activism.

Future Plans and Projects

Looking ahead, Cindy Sheehan remains dedicated to her activism and advocacy work. She plans to continue speaking out against war, injustice, and inequality. She is also working on new projects, including a documentary film about her life and activism.


In conclusion, Cindy Sheehan is a remarkable woman who has dedicated her life to fighting for peace, justice, and human rights. Her courage, resilience, and passion have made her a respected figure in the peace movement. As she continues her work, she will undoubtedly inspire others to join the fight for a better world.