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NameDonquez Woods
Age33 years
Date of BirthSeptember 4, 1990
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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on September 4, 1990, in Georgia, United States, Donquez Woods, known by his stage name Quez, is a talented rapper who rose to fame as one-third of the hip hop trio Travis Porter. Alongside his step-brother, Lakeem "Ali" Mattox, and Harold "Strap" Duncan, Quez formed Travis Porter in 2008, after initially coming together as Hard Hitters in 2006.

Collaborations and Achievements

Quez, Ali, and Strap have not only made a name for themselves as skilled rappers but have also ventured into film production. In 2012, they co-directed and co-produced the feature film "Red Rock," showcasing their versatility and creativity beyond music. Additionally, they released a biographical film titled "Proud to be a Problem" in 2010, further solidifying their presence in the entertainment industry.

Throughout his career, Quez has collaborated with renowned artists such as Waka Flocka Flame and Roscoe Dash, showcasing his ability to work with a diverse range of talent within the rap scene. His versatility and dedication to his craft have earned him a reputation as a respected figure in the music industry.

Personal Growth and Influences

Growing up in Decatur, Georgia, Quez, Ali, and Strap developed a strong bond that translated into their musical chemistry as Travis Porter. Their shared experiences and upbringing have undoubtedly influenced their music and creative collaborations, showcasing the power of unity and teamwork in achieving success.

Future Endeavors and Legacy

As Quez continues to evolve as an artist and performer, his dedication to his craft and passion for music will undoubtedly lead him to new heights of success. With a solid foundation in both music and film production, Quez is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the entertainment industry, inspiring future generations of artists to push boundaries and explore their creativity.

Donquez Woods Physical Stats

Donquez Woods stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 185 pounds. He has a slim, athletic body shape with measurements of 42-32-38 inches. His eyes are a deep brown color and his hair is black. He has a muscular build and is known for his distinctive tattoos on his arms and chest.

Donquez Woods Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Donquez Woods, the rapper from Georgia, United States, is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million. Over the last few years, his net worth has seen a significant increase due to his successful music career. In 2020, his net worth was around $1 million, which rose to $3 million in 2021, and then to $6 million in 2022. This steady increase in his net worth can be attributed to his growing popularity in the music industry and successful music releases. Donquez Woods' main source of income comes from his music sales, streaming royalties, concert tours, and brand endorsements. With his talent and hard work, it is expected that his net worth will continue to grow in the coming years.