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Eliyahu M. Goldratt

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NameEliyahu M. Goldratt
ProfessionNon-Fiction Author
Death dateJune 11, 2011
Date of BirthMarch 31, 1947
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Early Life and Education

Eliyahu Moshe Goldratt was born on March 31, 1947 in Israel. He grew up in a family of intellectuals and was exposed to a wide range of ideas from a young age. Goldratt studied physics at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. He later went on to pursue a Master of Science and Doctorate in Philosophy in Business Administration from Bar-Ilan University.

Career and Contributions

Goldratt is best known for his work in the field of business management, particularly his theory of constraints. He developed this theory while working as a physicist at the Israeli Aircraft Industries, where he applied principles of physics to improve production processes. This led him to publish his groundbreaking book, "The Goal," which introduced the theory of constraints to a wider audience.

Theory of Constraints

The theory of constraints is a management philosophy that focuses on identifying and removing bottlenecks in a system in order to improve overall performance. Goldratt's approach emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement and the need to constantly reassess and adapt to changing circumstances.

Books and Publications

In addition to "The Goal," Goldratt wrote several other influential books on business management, including "Critical Chain" and "It's Not Luck." These works have been translated into multiple languages and have had a significant impact on the way organizations approach problem-solving and decision-making.

Personal Life

Goldratt was married with six children. He was known for his passion for teaching and mentoring young professionals, and he often spoke at conferences and seminars around the world. Goldratt passed away on June 11, 2011, but his legacy continues to inspire generations of business leaders.

Net Worth

While specific details about Goldratt's net worth are not publicly available, it is clear that his contributions to the field of business management have had a lasting impact on organizations around the world. His books continue to be bestsellers, and his theories are still widely studied and applied in various industries.


Goldratt's legacy as a pioneer in business management is undeniable. His innovative ideas and practical approach to problem-solving have revolutionized the way organizations operate and have helped countless businesses achieve greater efficiency and success. His work continues to be studied and implemented by managers and executives seeking to improve their operations and drive sustainable growth.


Eliyahu M. Goldratt may no longer be with us, but his influence lives on through his groundbreaking work in business management. His theory of constraints remains a cornerstone of modern management practices, and his books continue to inspire new generations of leaders. Goldratt's legacy serves as a testament to the power of innovative thinking and the impact that one individual can have on an entire industry.