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NameFernanda Vegas
ProfessionPop Singer
Age24 years
Date of BirthSeptember 5, 1999
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Early Beginnings

Born on September 5, 1999, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Fernanda Vegas showed a natural talent for music from a young age. At just 10 years old, she won a guitar in a local competition and taught herself how to play. This marked the beginning of her musical journey.

Rise to Fame

As Fernanda honed her skills and passion for music, she began writing her own songs and performing at local events. Her unique blend of pop and Brazilian influences quickly caught the attention of industry insiders, leading to the release of her hit singles "Vendaval," "O Preço De Uma Traição," and "Saindo Com Teu Ex." These songs catapulted her to stardom, earning her a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

Multi-Talented Artist

Not content with just being a singer, Fernanda Vegas is also a talented choreographer and producer. Her music videos are known for their captivating visuals and intricate dance routines, showcasing her versatility as an artist. She is involved in every aspect of her music, from writing and recording to producing and directing, making her a true powerhouse in the industry.

Personal Life

Despite her busy schedule, Fernanda finds time to relax and unwind with her beloved pet pug dog. She credits her furry companion with bringing joy and companionship into her life, providing a much-needed break from the demands of fame and success.


Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Fernanda was exposed to a diverse range of musical influences, including the legendary Michael Jackson. His innovative style and groundbreaking performances inspired her to push the boundaries of her own artistry, leading to the creation of her unique sound and stage presence.


Q: What are Fernanda Vegas' biggest hits?
A: Some of her most popular songs include "Vendaval," "O Preço De Uma Traição," and "Saindo Com Teu Ex."

Q: How many followers does Fernanda have on Instagram?
A: Fernanda Vegas has a total of 2 million followers on Instagram, where she shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life and music career.

Q: What sets Fernanda Vegas apart as an artist?
A: Fernanda's dedication to every aspect of her music, from songwriting to choreography, sets her apart as a multi-talented artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries of her creativity.

Q: What are Fernanda's future plans in the music industry?
A: Fernanda Vegas continues to create new music and explore different genres, with plans to collaborate with other artists and expand her reach on a global scale.