Gulcan Kamps

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NameGulcan Kamps
ProfessionTV Show Host
Age41 years
Date of BirthSeptember 20, 1982
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Gulcan Kamps is a well-known television personality, singer, and philanthropist. Born in Germany on September 20, 1982, she gained fame as a VJ on the popular German music television channel VIVA. Her charismatic personality and talent have made her a household name in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Career

Gulcan Kamps graduated from a college in Lübeck, Germany, with a degree in economics. It was during her studies that she was discovered by VIVA and began her career as a VJ. Her natural charm and passion for music quickly endeared her to audiences, leading to her hosting shows like the karaoke program Shibuya.

Music Career

In addition to her television work, Gulcan Kamps is also a talented singer. She has achieved chart success with songs like "Moonlight" and "Aya Benzer." Her collaboration with Mustafa Sandal on these tracks further showcased her musical abilities and helped her reach a wider audience.


Outside of her entertainment career, Gulcan Kamps is dedicated to giving back to the community. She has been involved in various charitable projects and has supported organizations like UNICEF. Her commitment to helping others has made her a role model for many.

Personal Life

In 2007, Gulcan Kamps married Sebastian Kamps, and the couple has continued to support each other in their respective careers. Their love story has captured the hearts of fans and added another dimension to Gulcan's public image.


Gulcan Kamps is a multi-talented individual who has made a significant impact in the worlds of television, music, and philanthropy. Her passion for her work, coupled with her dedication to making a difference, has solidified her reputation as a respected figure in the entertainment industry. Whether she is hosting a show, singing on stage, or supporting a charitable cause, Gulcan Kamps continues to inspire and uplift those around her.