Harry Hess

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NameHarry Hess
ProfessionRock Singer
Age56 years
Date of BirthJuly 5, 1968
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Harry Hess is a renowned rock singer and producer, best known as the lead vocalist of the hard rock band Harem Scarem. He has also made a name for himself as a talented producer, having worked at the prestigious recording studio Vespa Music Group. Hess has collaborated with various bands, including Three Days Grace and My Darkest Days, and has released solo albums that showcase his musical prowess.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Harry Hess was born on July 5, 1968, in Oshawa, Canada. He began his music career by working with the band Blind Vengeance, where he honed his skills as a vocalist and songwriter. Hess's passion for music and dedication to his craft soon caught the attention of industry insiders, leading to opportunities to work with other talented musicians.

Music Career

Harry Hess's career took off when he became the lead singer of Harem Scarem, a hard rock band that gained popularity in the 1990s. The band's unique sound and Hess's powerful vocals earned them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. In addition to his work with Harem Scarem, Hess has also produced music for other artists, including Pierre Bouvier's band Simple Plan.

Solo Projects and Collaborations

In 2003, Harry Hess released his first solo album, "Just Another Day," showcasing his versatility as a musician and songwriter. He followed this up with "Living in Yesterday" in 2012, further establishing himself as a solo artist. Hess has also collaborated with various artists and bands, bringing his distinctive style and passion for music to different projects.

Legacy and Influence

Harry Hess's contributions to the rock music industry have left a lasting impact, inspiring aspiring musicians and fans alike. His powerful vocals, emotive lyrics, and innovative approach to music continue to resonate with audiences around the world. Hess's work as a producer has also helped shape the sound of contemporary rock music, solidifying his reputation as a respected figure in the industry.


Harry Hess is a true rock music icon, known for his exceptional talent as a singer, songwriter, and producer. His contributions to the music industry have earned him a place among the greats, and his legacy continues to inspire and influence generations of musicians. Whether fronting Harem Scarem or pursuing solo projects, Hess's passion for music shines through in everything he does, making him a beloved figure in the rock music scene.