Henrik Dorsin

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NameHenrik Dorsin
ProfessionTV Actor
Age46 years
Date of BirthNovember 20, 1977
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Henrik Dorsin, born on November 20, 1977, in Sweden, is a highly acclaimed TV actor known for his comedic roles in both television and movies. His breakthrough role came in 1998 with the TV show This Has Happened, where he showcased his exceptional talent and comedic timing.

Early Beginnings

Henrik's journey in the entertainment industry began in 1995 when he landed his first acting gig as an extra in the film Winter Cove. This experience fueled his passion for acting and set him on a path to success in the world of entertainment.

Comedic Genius

Henrik's comedic prowess has endeared him to audiences worldwide. His ability to bring humor to his performances has made him a fan favorite in the entertainment industry. Whether it's on the small screen or the big screen, Henrik's comedic talent shines through in every role he takes on.

Stand-Up Comedy

In 2014, Henrik showcased his versatility as a performer by going on tour with his original stand-up act. His unique brand of humor and wit captivated audiences and solidified his reputation as a multi-talented entertainer.

Personal Life

Henrik is happily married to his wife, Hanna, and together they have two children. Family is a priority for Henrik, and he cherishes the time spent with his loved ones.

Social Media Presence

In June 2014, Henrik made waves on social media when he posted on Instagram, garnering attention from renowned stylist Bobby Oduncu. Henrik's online presence continues to grow, connecting him with fans and industry professionals alike.


Henrik Dorsin is a talented and versatile TV actor who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. His comedic flair, acting skills, and dedication to his craft have earned him a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. Henrik's future in the world of entertainment looks bright, and audiences can look forward to more stellar performances from this talented actor.