Howard Werth

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NameHoward Werth
ProfessionRock Singer
Age77 years
Date of BirthMarch 26, 1947
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Howard Werth is an English musician and record producer who is best known for fronting the British art rock band Audience from 1967 to 1972 and again from 2004 onward. Born on March 26, 1947 in England, Werth started his career as a graphic designer, creating album covers for popular acts such as The Kinks, Sandie Shaw, and Marlene Dietrich.

Early Life and Career

Howard Werth was born in Clapton, East London and developed a passion for music at a young age. He honed his skills as a guitarist and vocalist, eventually forming the band Audience in the late 1960s. The band gained popularity for their unique art rock sound and Werth's charismatic stage presence.

Work with Captain Beefheart

After his time with Audience, Howard Werth collaborated with Captain Beefheart's Magic Band, showcasing his versatility as a musician. His innovative guitar playing and songwriting skills were highly praised by critics and fans alike.

Reunion with Audience

In 2004, Howard Werth and Trevor Williams, the bassist for Audience, reunited to reform the band. The reunion was met with excitement from long-time fans, who were thrilled to see Werth back on stage performing his classic hits.


Howard Werth's contribution to the music industry as a rock singer and record producer is undeniable. His passion for music and dedication to his craft have solidified his place in rock music history.

Overall, Howard Werth's career is a testament to his talent and passion for music. His unique sound and charismatic stage presence have left a lasting impact on the rock music scene, inspiring generations of musicians to come.