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NameBillie Kay
Age35 years
Date of BirthJune 23, 1989
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Billie Kay, born Jessica McKay on June 23, 1989, in Sydney, Australia, has captured the hearts of wrestling fans around the world with her charisma, talent, and determination. Her path to success in the world of professional wrestling is a testament to her hard work and passion for the sport.

Early Life and Introduction to Wrestling

Billie Kay's journey into the world of wrestling began at a young age when she was introduced to the sport at just 10 years old. Growing up in Sydney, New South Wales, she quickly fell in love with the athleticism and excitement of wrestling. Before pursuing a career in the ring, Billie Kay excelled in basketball, showcasing her natural athletic abilities.

Attending the same high school as fellow wrestler KC Cassidy, Billie Kay was surrounded by a supportive community that encouraged her to pursue her dreams. With an older brother who also wrestled, Billie Kay had a deep-rooted connection to the sport that would shape her future career.

Professional Career and Achievements

Billie Kay's professional wrestling career took off when she began performing under the ring name Billie Kay in August 2015. Prior to her time in WWE NXT, she gained valuable experience in various promotions, including Pro Wrestling Alliance Australia, where she became a 2-time champion.

Billie Kay's hard work and dedication paid off when she signed with WWE, marking a significant milestone in her career. Her debut episode of NXT saw her face off against the formidable Becky Lynch, solidifying her place in the wrestling world.

Personal Life and Future Plans

In June 2023, Billie Kay announced that she was expecting her first child, marking a new chapter in her life both personally and professionally. Despite this exciting new development, Billie Kay's passion for wrestling continues to drive her forward, and fans eagerly await her return to the ring.

As she navigates the challenges of balancing motherhood with her wrestling career, Billie Kay remains a shining example of perseverance and dedication. Her journey from Sydney to WWE stardom is a testament to her strength and resilience, inspiring fans around the world.


Q: What is Billie Kay's real name?
A: Billie Kay's real name is Jessica McKay.

Q: When did Billie Kay make her wrestling debut?
A: Billie Kay made her wrestling debut in August 2015 under the ring name Billie Kay.

Q: What promotions did Billie Kay compete in before signing with WWE?
A: Before signing with WWE, Billie Kay competed in various promotions, including Pro Wrestling Alliance Australia.

Q: What is Billie Kay's most notable achievement in wrestling?
A: Billie Kay became a 2-time champion in Pro Wrestling Alliance Australia before signing with WWE.