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NameKlaus Schwab
Age86 years
Date of BirthMarch 30, 1938
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Early Life and Education

Klaus Schwab was born on March 30, 1938, in Ravensburg, Germany. He studied economics at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and received his doctorate in economics from the University of Geneva.

Career and Achievements

Schwab is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, an international organization that brings together political, business, and academic leaders to discuss global issues. He has been a key figure in shaping global economic policy and promoting sustainable development.

Innovative Ideas

One of Schwab's most significant contributions is the concept of stakeholder capitalism, which argues that companies should consider the interests of all stakeholders, not just shareholders. This idea has gained traction in recent years as businesses seek to balance profit with social and environmental concerns.

Global Impact

Schwab's work has had a lasting impact on global governance and economic policy. He has been instrumental in shaping the agenda at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where world leaders gather to discuss pressing issues facing the global economy.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Klaus Schwab's net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. He has amassed his wealth through his work at the World Economic Forum and various other business ventures.

Personal Life

Schwab is married to Hilde Schwab, who is also actively involved in the World Economic Forum. They have two children together and reside in Switzerland.


In addition to his work at the World Economic Forum, Schwab is a committed philanthropist. He has donated millions of dollars to various causes, including education, healthcare, and environmental conservation.


Schwab has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to global governance and economic policy. In 1998, he was awarded the Grand Cross of Merit with Star and Sash of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Future Outlook

As he continues to lead the World Economic Forum and advocate for sustainable development, Klaus Schwab remains a key figure in shaping global economic policy. His innovative ideas and commitment to stakeholder capitalism are sure to have a lasting impact on the world economy.


In conclusion, Klaus Schwab is a visionary leader who has dedicated his career to promoting sustainable development and global cooperation. His work at the World Economic Forum has had a profound impact on global governance and economic policy, and his legacy is sure to endure for years to come.