Louis Hesse d’Alzon

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NameLouis Hesse d’Alzon
ProfessionTV Actor
Age31 years
Date of BirthOctober 21, 1992
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Name: Louis Hesse d’Alzon

Occupation: TV Actor

Birthday: October 21

Birthyear: 1992

Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand

About Louis Hesse d’Alzon

Louis Hesse d’Alzon is a talented Thai actor who has gained recognition for his roles in popular television series such as The Influential, The Great Revenge, and Singh Sang Pa. With over 170,000 followers on his Instagram account louishesse, he has established himself as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Education and Career

In 2016, Louis Hesse d’Alzon graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University, where he honed his acting skills and passion for the arts. Following his graduation, he underwent training in battalion infantry, showcasing his dedication to diverse and challenging pursuits.

Aside from his acting endeavors, Louis Hesse d’Alzon is also the co-founder of ProCares, a reputable dietary supplement company. Additionally, he works as a Real Estate Consultant, demonstrating his versatility and business acumen in various fields.

Personal Life

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Louis Hesse d’Alzon is the son of Sasi Wijitsophon and has a brother named Joseph. He has shared glimpses of his career highlights, modeling photos, and daily life on his Instagram page, providing fans with a closer look at his multifaceted personality.

Collaborations and Projects

Louis Hesse d’Alzon has collaborated with esteemed actors such as Pheerawas Khunlanunthwatn in the television series The Influential, showcasing his talent and versatility on screen. His dedication to his craft and commitment to excellence have earned him a loyal following and critical acclaim in the entertainment industry.

Overall, Louis Hesse d’Alzon continues to captivate audiences with his charisma, talent, and passion for acting, solidifying his status as a rising star in the Thai entertainment scene.