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NameLuka Magnotta
Age41 years
Date of BirthJuly 24, 1982
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Early Life and Background

Luka Rocco Magnotta was born on July 24, 1982, in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. He grew up in a troubled household and had a difficult childhood marked by abuse and neglect. Despite these challenges, Magnotta showed an early interest in acting and modeling.

Rise to Notoriety

In 2012, Luka Magnotta gained international infamy for the brutal murder of Chinese international student Jun Lin. The crime was captured on video and posted online, leading to a worldwide manhunt for Magnotta. He was eventually apprehended in Berlin, Germany, and extradited to Canada to stand trial.

Conviction and Sentence

In December 2014, Luka Magnotta was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years. The trial shed light on Magnotta's troubled past and mental health issues, but ultimately he was held accountable for his heinous actions.

Height and Physical Appearance

Luka Magnotta stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall. He has dark hair, blue eyes, and is known for his striking looks that helped him gain attention as a model before his criminal activities came to light.

Net Worth and Current Status

As of 2024, Luka Magnotta's net worth is estimated to be minimal due to his incarceration and lack of opportunities to earn income while in prison. He remains a controversial figure with a dark legacy that continues to haunt those who were affected by his crimes.


Luka Magnotta's story is a chilling reminder of the darkness that can lurk within individuals and the devastating impact it can have on the lives of others. His crimes shocked the world and continue to be a subject of fascination for true crime enthusiasts. As he serves out his sentence behind bars, the memory of Luka Magnotta will live on as a cautionary tale of the dangers of unchecked psychopathy.