Martin Shkreli

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NameMartin Shkreli
ProfessionBusiness Executive
Age41 years
Date of BirthApril 1, 1983
CountryUnited States
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Early Life and Education

Martin Shkreli was born on March 17, 1983, in Brooklyn, New York. He is of Albanian and Croatian descent. Shkreli attended Hunter College High School and later studied business administration at Baruch College.

Rise to Prominence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Shkreli first gained attention in the pharmaceutical industry when he founded Turing Pharmaceuticals in 2015. He made headlines for acquiring the rights to a drug called Daraprim and raising its price from $13.50 to $750 per pill, sparking outrage among patients and healthcare providers.

Legal Troubles

In 2017, Shkreli was convicted on multiple counts of securities fraud and conspiracy, stemming from his time running hedge funds and pharmaceutical companies. He was sentenced to seven years in prison and fined $7.36 million.

Controversial Actions

Throughout his career, Shkreli has been known for his provocative behavior and controversial statements. He has frequently clashed with critics on social media and has been involved in several high-profile feuds with other figures in the pharmaceutical industry.

Personal Life

Despite his legal troubles and controversial reputation, Shkreli has maintained a relatively private personal life. He is known to be a fan of hip-hop music and has expressed interest in starting his own record label.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Martin Shkreli's net worth is estimated to be around $70 million. Despite his legal issues, Shkreli still maintains a significant amount of wealth from his time in the pharmaceutical industry.

Future Plans

While serving his prison sentence, Shkreli has reportedly been working on several business ventures and projects. He has expressed interest in re-entering the pharmaceutical industry once he is released from prison.

Public Perception

Shkreli's actions have divided public opinion, with some viewing him as a savvy entrepreneur who pushed the boundaries of the pharmaceutical industry, while others see him as a greedy profiteer who took advantage of vulnerable patients.


Regardless of how he is perceived, Martin Shkreli's impact on the pharmaceutical industry is undeniable. His controversial tactics have sparked debates about drug pricing and access to healthcare, leading to increased scrutiny of the industry as a whole.


In recent years, Shkreli has made efforts to improve his public image by donating to various charities and causes. While some view these actions as insincere attempts to rehabilitate his image, others see them as genuine efforts to give back to society.


Martin Shkreli remains a polarizing figure in the pharmaceutical industry, with his actions continuing to spark debate and controversy. Whether he will be able to redeem himself and make a positive impact on society remains to be seen, but his legacy will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on the industry.