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Age22 years
Date of BirthOctober 19, 2001
CountryUnited States
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SpotemGottem, born Nehemiah Lamar Harten on October 19, 2001, in Jacksonville, Florida, is a talented rapper who has been making waves in the music industry. Known for his hit song "Beatbox" and a string of successful singles and mixtapes, SpotemGottem has quickly gained recognition for his unique sound and lyrical prowess.

Professional Career

SpotemGottem burst onto the scene in 2018 with his debut single "Street Gossip", showcasing his raw talent and distinctive style. He followed up with a series of successful singles, including "Attic" and "Unfortunate", which further solidified his reputation as a rising star in the rap world.

In December 2020, SpotemGottem released his highly anticipated mixtape, "Final Destination", which received critical acclaim and further cemented his status as a formidable force in the music industry. The mixtape showcased his versatility as an artist and his ability to craft infectious beats and clever rhymes.

One of SpotemGottem's most popular songs to date is "Beatbox", which has garnered over 8 million views on YouTube and has become a fan favorite. The success of "Beatbox" led to the release of "Beatbox 2" in December 2020, which has amassed over 65 million views on YouTube, further solidifying SpotemGottem's place in the rap scene.

Collaborations and Influences

SpotemGottem has collaborated with fellow artists, including JackBoy, on the song "Blick-A-Thon", showcasing his ability to work with other talents and create dynamic tracks. He draws inspiration from a variety of influences, infusing his music with a unique blend of styles that set him apart from his peers.


SpotemGottem is a rising star in the rap world, with a growing fan base and a string of successful releases under his belt. With his infectious beats, clever lyrics, and undeniable talent, SpotemGottem is poised to continue making waves in the music industry for years to come. Keep an eye out for this young artist as he continues to rise to the top of the charts.