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Age22 years
Date of BirthApril 24, 2002
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424kp, born on April 24, 2002, in Shanghai, China, is a rising star in the world of music and social media. Known for his catchy singles like "In The Rough," "Bounty Hunter," and "Red Light Green Light," 424kp has captured the hearts of over 33,000 followers on TikTok with his unique style and infectious energy.

Early Beginnings

424kp's journey into the world of music began in 2019 when he released his debut single, "Voices." The song quickly gained traction, showcasing his talent and passion for music. With each new release, 424kp continued to push boundaries and explore new sounds, solidifying his place as a promising artist in the industry.

Rise to Fame

One of 424kp's most notable achievements came in early 2022 with the release of "Bounty Hunter," accompanied by a captivating music video. The song further showcased his growth as an artist and garnered widespread attention, propelling him into the spotlight and earning him a dedicated following.

Personal Branding

424kp's social media presence is as vibrant as his music. With a bio that reads "Your Grandma’s Favourite Rapper," he has carved out a unique identity that resonates with his audience. His engaging content and relatable personality have helped him connect with fans on a deeper level, setting him apart from his peers.

Collaborations and Aspirations

424kp's ambition knows no bounds. In a recent TikTok, he called on his legion of followers to help him catch the attention of renowned artist Lil TJAY, showcasing his determination to collaborate with industry giants and further expand his reach.


Q: What sets 424kp apart from other artists?

A: 424kp's unique blend of music and social media presence sets him apart, allowing him to connect with fans in a more personal and engaging way.

Q: What are 424kp's future aspirations in the music industry?

A: 424kp aims to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds, collaborating with industry giants and reaching new heights in his music career.

Q: How has 424kp's journey influenced his personal growth?

A: Through his music and social media presence, 424kp has grown as an artist and individual, learning valuable lessons and honing his craft along the way.

With his infectious energy and undeniable talent, 424kp is set to make waves in the music industry and beyond, captivating audiences with his music and engaging content.