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NameAarón Gil
ProfessionWorld Music Singer
Age27 years
Date of BirthJuly 29, 1996
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Name: Aarón Gil

Occupation: World Music Singer

Birthday: July 29, 1996

Place of Birth: Mexico

About Aarón Gil

Aarón Gil is a talented world music singer who rose to fame as the lead vocalist for the Mexican quintet Alta Consigna. Born on July 29, 1996, in Tijuana, Mexico, Aarón co-founded the band with his childhood friends in 2014. Despite humble beginnings, the band quickly gained popularity with their unique sound and heartfelt lyrics.

Early Career

When Alta Consigna first started out, they recorded their songs using only mobile phones and their own instruments. This DIY approach not only showcased their raw talent but also highlighted their dedication to their craft. Aarón's soulful voice and charismatic stage presence quickly set him apart as a rising star in the world music scene.

Personal Life

Aarón Gil has a younger brother named Esaul and in March 2020, he began a relationship with Julissa Llanos. His close friend Crecer Germán previously performed with him as part of Alta Consigna before pursuing a solo career. Despite the challenges and pressures of fame, Aarón remains grounded and grateful for the opportunities that have come his way.


AlbumRelease Year
Así Nací2016
Culpable Tú2016


Q: When did Aarón Gil start his music career?

A: Aarón Gil co-founded Alta Consigna with his childhood friends in 2014 and quickly gained recognition for his soulful vocals.

Q: What is Aarón Gil's relationship status?

A: In March 2020, Aarón Gil began a relationship with Julissa Llanos.

Q: Who did Aarón Gil perform with before going solo?

A: Aarón Gil's close friend Crecer Germán was a part of Alta Consigna before pursuing a solo career.

Overall, Aarón Gil's journey from a small-town singer to a world music sensation is a testament to his talent and dedication. With his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, he continues to captivate audiences around the world.