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NameBG James
Age55 years
Date of BirthMay 20, 1969
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Name: BG James

Occupation: Wrestler

Birthday: May 20

Birthyear: 1969

Place of Birth: Marietta, Georgia, United States

Who is BG James?

BG James, also known by his ring name Road Dogg, is a professional wrestler who gained fame as a member of Degeneration X in the WWE. He began his wrestling career at a young age and went on to achieve success as a tag team champion.

Early Career

BG James made his professional wrestling debut at the age of 17 with NWA Southeast Championship Wrestling. He quickly gained recognition for his skills in the ring and soon caught the attention of larger wrestling promotions.


Throughout his career, BG James was a five-time WWE World Tag Team Champion, teaming up with partner Billy Gunn. Together, they formed a formidable tag team duo and dominated the wrestling scene with their skills and charisma.

Family Legacy

BG James comes from a wrestling family, with his father Bob Armstrong and his brothers Scott, Brad, and Steve all involved in the wrestling industry. This second generation wrestler has continued the family legacy with his own successful career in the ring.

Personal Life

BG James married Tracy James in 1996 and together they have three children. Despite his busy wrestling schedule, BG James has always made time for his family and values their support and love.

Legacy in Wrestling

BG James is best known for his time in Degeneration X, where he wrestled alongside Triple H and other members of the group. His contributions to the wrestling industry have left a lasting impact and he is remembered as a talented and entertaining performer.

Overall, BG James has had a successful and memorable career in the world of professional wrestling. His skills in the ring, his family legacy, and his personal life all contribute to his status as a respected and beloved figure in the wrestling community.