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NameCarlos Mercado-Orduña
Age48 years
Date of BirthFebruary 8, 1976
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Carlos Mercado-Orduña, a prominent Mexican screenwriter, has captivated audiences with his compelling storytelling and unique perspective. Born on February 8, 1976, in Tapachula, Mexico, Mercado-Orduña has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry with his innovative approach to television writing.

Early Beginnings

Despite facing initial challenges, Mercado-Orduña's passion for storytelling propelled him to pursue a career in screenwriting. His TV writing debut in 2002 with an episode for Asi Son Ellas marked the beginning of his journey towards success.

Award-Winning Achievements

In 2013, Mercado-Orduña created the popular telenovela La Rosa de Guadalupe, which garnered widespread acclaim for its poignant storytelling and impactful themes. His dedication to creating meaningful content has earned him recognition from the City Council of Tapachula, who awarded him a medal of recognition and keys to the city in 2018.

Personal and Professional Growth

Throughout his career, Mercado-Orduña has continued to push boundaries and challenge conventions in the world of television writing. His collaboration with talented actors and production teams, such as Nicole Vale, has resulted in the creation of memorable characters and storylines that resonate with audiences worldwide.


Q: What inspires Carlos Mercado-Orduña in his writing?
A: Mercado-Orduña draws inspiration from real-life experiences, social issues, and personal reflections, infusing his work with authenticity and depth.

Q: How has Carlos Mercado-Orduña's work impacted the entertainment industry?
A: Mercado-Orduña's contributions to television writing have set a new standard for storytelling, highlighting the importance of diverse narratives and meaningful content.

Q: What are Carlos Mercado-Orduña's future plans and projects?
A: Mercado-Orduña continues to explore new creative avenues and collaborate with talented artists to bring fresh and engaging stories to audiences around the world.