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NameCésar Delgado
ProfessionSoccer Player
Age42 years
Date of BirthAugust 18, 1981
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César Delgado is a skilled winger and attacking midfielder who has made a name for himself in the world of soccer. Born on August 18, 1981, in Rosario, Argentina, Delgado began his professional career with Rosario Central in 2001. He quickly caught the attention of fans and scouts alike with his speed, skill, and goal-scoring ability.

Early Career

Delgado started his soccer journey with Rosario Central's youth team before making his debut for the senior team. His impressive performances at the club level earned him a call-up to the Argentine national team in 2003. Delgado's versatility on the field and his ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates made him a valuable asset for both club and country.

Stint at Lyon

In 2008, Delgado made a move to Europe to play for Lyon, one of the top clubs in France. During his time at Lyon, Delgado continued to showcase his talent and helped the team achieve success in domestic and international competitions. His partnership with fellow Argentine Javier Zanetti, who was also his teammate in the national team, was a highlight of his time at Lyon.

Legacy and Influence

Delgado's impact on the game of soccer goes beyond his individual performances on the field. His work ethic, sportsmanship, and dedication to his craft have inspired many young players to follow in his footsteps. Delgado's success story serves as a testament to the power of hard work and determination in achieving one's goals in the world of professional sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What position does César Delgado play?

A: Delgado is a winger and attacking midfielder known for his speed and goal-scoring ability.

Q: When did César Delgado make his professional debut?

A: Delgado made his professional debut for Rosario Central in 2001.

Q: Which national team did César Delgado play for?

A: Delgado represented the Argentine national team, making his debut in 2003.

Q: Who was César Delgado's teammate at Lyon?

A: Delgado played alongside fellow Argentine Javier Zanetti during his time at Lyon.

Overall, César Delgado's journey from Rosario Central to Lyon and the Argentine national team is a testament to his talent and dedication to the sport of soccer. His legacy as a player and a role model continues to inspire aspiring soccer players around the world.