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NameDale Bozzio
ProfessionPop Singer
Age69 years
Date of BirthMarch 2, 1955
CountryUnited States
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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on March 2, 1955, in Massachusetts, United States, Dale Bozzio is a renowned pop singer best known as the co-founder and lead vocalist of the popular new wave band Missing Persons. Before her rise to fame in the music industry, Bozzio worked as a Playboy bunny at the Playboy Club in Boston, showcasing her charisma and charm even before stepping onto the stage as a singer.

Collaboration with Frank Zappa

Bozzio's talent and unique vocal style caught the attention of legendary musician Frank Zappa, who became her mentor and collaborator. Working alongside Zappa, Bozzio honed her craft and developed her signature sound, setting the stage for her future success in the music industry.

Success with Missing Persons

As the co-founder and lead singer of Missing Persons, Bozzio achieved widespread acclaim and success with hits such as "Walking in L.A." and "Destination Unknown." The band's innovative sound and Bozzio's captivating vocals garnered a dedicated fan base and solidified their status as pioneers in the new wave music scene.

Solo Career and Continued Success

After parting ways with Missing Persons, Bozzio embarked on a solo career, showcasing her versatility and artistry as a solo artist. Her dynamic performances and powerful vocals continued to captivate audiences, solidifying her reputation as a talented and influential figure in the music industry.

Personal Life and Legacy

In 1979, Bozzio married drummer Terry Bozzio, with whom she shared a musical partnership and creative collaboration. Despite their eventual divorce in 1986, Bozzio's legacy as a trailblazing pop singer and influential musician endures, inspiring generations of artists and fans alike.

Throughout her career, Dale Bozzio has remained a beacon of creativity and innovation in the music industry, leaving an indelible mark on the world of pop music with her distinctive voice and undeniable talent.

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Dale Bozzio Physical Stats

Dale Bozzio is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 125 pounds. She has a slim body shape with body measurements of 34-24-34. Her eye color is hazel and she has blonde hair.

Dale Bozzio Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Dale Bozzio's estimated net worth is approximately $5 million. Over the last few years, her net worth has seen a steady increase. In 2021, her net worth was around $3 million, which increased to $4 million in 2022 and $4.5 million in 2023. This shows a consistent growth in her wealth over the years.

Dale Bozzio's main source of income comes from her career as a pop singer. She gained fame as the lead vocalist of the band Missing Persons in the 1980s and has continued to perform and release music throughout her career. In addition to her music career, she has also earned income through live performances, merchandise sales, and royalties from her music catalog. Overall, Dale Bozzio has been able to build a successful career in the music industry and has seen her net worth increase steadily over the years.