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NameDimitri Tincano
ProfessionReality Star
Age23 years
Date of BirthMay 28, 2001
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Name: Dimitri Tincano

Occupation: Reality Star

Birthday: May 28

Birthyear: 2001

Place of Birth: Terni, Italy


Dimitri Tincano is a popular Instagram star and model who gained fame after appearing on the Rai 2 docu-reality show Il Collegio. He has a strong following on social media and is known for his charismatic personality and stylish posts.

Early Life

Dimitri Tincano grew up in Terni, Italy, where he discovered his passion for tennis at a young age. Despite his love for the sport, he eventually found his true calling in the world of social media and modeling.

Instagram Fame

With over 240,000 followers on his Instagram account, dimitri__tincano, Dimitri Tincano has established himself as a prominent influencer in the online community. His posts showcase his unique sense of style and passion for fashion.

Similar Influencers

Another popular Instagrammer from Italy is Samantha Frison, who, like Dimitri Tincano, has gained a significant following on social media. Both influencers are known for their engaging content and trendy aesthetic.


Q: How did Dimitri Tincano become famous?
A: Dimitri Tincano rose to fame after appearing on the Rai 2 docu-reality show Il Collegio, where his charismatic personality and unique style captured the attention of viewers.

Q: What is Dimitri Tincano's background?
A: Dimitri Tincano grew up in Terni, Italy, and initially pursued a career in tennis before transitioning to social media and modeling.

Q: Who is Samantha Frison?
A: Samantha Frison is another popular Instagram influencer from Italy known for her engaging content and trendy aesthetic, much like Dimitri Tincano.