Dwight Eubanks

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NameDwight Eubanks
ProfessionReality Star
Age65 years
Date of BirthMarch 17, 1959
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Dwight Eubanks, born on March 17, 1959, in Georgia, United States, is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry. He gained fame as a former cast member of the hit reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta and later appeared on the E! series Botched.

Professional Achievements

With a career spanning over two decades, Dwight Eubanks has established himself as a high-profile hair stylist in Atlanta. In 1998, he opened his own salon called Purple Door, which quickly became a go-to destination for those seeking cutting-edge hair treatments and styling services.

Aside from his work as a hair stylist, Dwight Eubanks has also showcased his talents as a party planner for celebrities like Phaedra Parks and ventured into the world of makeup artistry.

Unique Skills

Known for his impeccable taste and eye for detail, Dwight Eubanks is highly sought after for his ability to transform clients' looks and enhance their natural beauty. His expertise in hair styling and makeup artistry has earned him a loyal following of clients who trust his creative vision.

Significant Projects

Throughout his career, Dwight Eubanks has worked on numerous high-profile projects, including fashion shows, photo shoots, and special events. His keen sense of style and dedication to his craft have earned him a reputation as a go-to expert in the beauty industry.

Personal Life

In 2009, Dwight Eubanks was engaged to be married, showcasing his commitment to building a fulfilling personal life alongside his successful career. Despite any personal challenges he may have faced, Dwight Eubanks remains focused on his passion for hair styling and making a positive impact in the lives of his clients.

Dwight Eubanks Physical Stats

Dwight Eubanks stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. His body measurements are 42-32-38 inches. He has striking hazel eyes and his hair is a dark shade of brown. Dwight has a slim and toned body shape with a height-weight proportionate physique.

Dwight Eubanks Net Worth 2024

In 2024, Dwight Eubanks' estimated net worth is projected to be around $2 million. Over the last few years, his net worth breakdown has shown a steady increase year by year. In 2021, his net worth was estimated at $1.5 million, which increased to $1.7 million in 2022, and then to $1.9 million in 2023. This represents a percentile increase of approximately 13% each year.

Dwight Eubanks' main source of income comes from his career as a reality star. He gained fame for his appearances on the reality TV show "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Additionally, he has leveraged his reality TV fame to launch his own line of beauty products and fashion accessories, which have contributed to his growing net worth. With his continued success in the entertainment industry and entrepreneurial ventures, it is likely that Dwight Eubanks' net worth will continue to rise in the coming years.