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NameElizabeth Drew
Age88 years
Date of BirthNovember 16, 1935
CountryUnited States
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Elizabeth Drew is a renowned American journalist, author, and political commentator known for her insightful analysis of American politics. With a career spanning several decades, she has become a trusted voice in the world of journalism.

Early Life and Education

Elizabeth Drew was born on November 16, 1935, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She attended Wellesley College, where she studied political science and journalism. After graduating, she began her career in journalism, working for various publications before landing a job at The New Yorker.


Elizabeth Drew's career in journalism took off when she joined The New Yorker as a staff writer in the 1960s. She quickly gained a reputation for her insightful political analysis and in-depth reporting. Over the years, she has covered numerous presidential campaigns, congressional debates, and major political events.

Books and Publications

Elizabeth Drew is also a prolific author, having written several books on American politics. Some of her most well-known works include "Washington Journal: Reporting Watergate and Richard Nixon's Downfall" and "On the Edge: The Clinton Presidency."

Age and Height

As of 2024, Elizabeth Drew is 88 years old. She stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches, making her a commanding presence in any room.

Net Worth

Elizabeth Drew's net worth is estimated to be in the millions, thanks to her successful career in journalism and book publishing. Her work has earned her numerous accolades and awards over the years.

Personal Life

Elizabeth Drew is known for her dedication to her work and her passion for politics. She is a private person who prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight.


Elizabeth Drew's impact on American journalism cannot be overstated. Her fearless reporting and sharp analysis have shaped the way we understand politics in the United States. She continues to inspire new generations of journalists with her commitment to truth and integrity.

Awards and Recognition

Throughout her career, Elizabeth Drew has received numerous awards for her outstanding contributions to journalism. These include the National Press Club Award for Washington Correspondence and the Edward Weintal Prize for Diplomatic Reporting.

Current Projects

Despite her advanced age, Elizabeth Drew shows no signs of slowing down. She continues to write and comment on current political events, offering her unique perspective on the issues facing America today.

Impact on Society

Elizabeth Drew's work has had a profound impact on American society, helping to shape public opinion and hold politicians accountable. Her commitment to truth and transparency has made her a respected figure in the world of journalism.

Future Plans

As she looks towards the future, Elizabeth Drew remains committed to her work as a journalist and author. She hopes to continue shedding light on the inner workings of American politics and inspiring others to do the same.


In conclusion, Elizabeth Drew is a true trailblazer in the world of journalism. Her dedication to truth and integrity has made her a trusted voice in American politics, and her work continues to inspire new generations of journalists. As she enters the next chapter of her career, we can only imagine what new insights she will bring to the table.