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NameEllie Maree
Age30 years
Date of BirthJanuary 13, 1994
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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on January 13, 1994, in Australia, Ellie Maree always had a passion for hair styling and fashion. From a young age, she would experiment with different hairstyles on friends and family members, honing her skills and developing a keen eye for trends.

After completing her formal education, Ellie decided to pursue a career in the beauty industry. She enrolled in a prestigious cosmetology school where she learned the art of hair styling and coloring. Upon graduation, she landed a job at Natalie Anne Hair, where she worked as a stylist and colorist, gaining valuable experience and building a loyal clientele.

Rise to Social Media Stardom

Ellie Maree's big break came when she decided to showcase her work on social media. She created an Instagram account, elliemareehair, where she started posting photos and videos of her stunning hair creations. Her unique style and attention to detail quickly caught the eye of beauty enthusiasts and soon, her following began to grow.

With more than 4000 followers on Instagram, Ellie's profile started to attract attention from brands and influencers in the beauty industry. She collaborated with renowned hairstylists and makeup artists, further expanding her reach and establishing herself as a rising star in the world of beauty.

Specialization in Wedding and Bridal Hairstyles

One of Ellie Maree's areas of expertise is wedding and bridal hairstyles. She has a knack for creating romantic and elegant looks that complement a bride's overall aesthetic. Her attention to detail and ability to bring her client's vision to life have earned her a reputation as a go-to stylist for weddings and special events.

Ellie's passion for bridal styling shines through in her work, as she is dedicated to making every bride feel like the most beautiful version of themselves on their special day. Her intricate updos and soft curls have become signature looks that brides seek out for their weddings.

Expanding Her Influence on Social Media

Aside from showcasing her hairstyling skills, Ellie Maree also shares her fitness journey on Instagram. She posts workout videos and healthy meal ideas, inspiring her followers to lead a balanced and active lifestyle. Her commitment to wellness and self-care resonates with her audience, who appreciate her holistic approach to beauty.

One of Ellie's viral TikTok videos featured her creating hairstyles set to Harry Styles' hit song "Watermelon Sugar." The video garnered thousands of views and further solidified her status as a social media sensation. Her creativity and ability to connect with her audience through popular trends have set her apart in the competitive world of social media.


Q: What sets Ellie Maree apart as a stylist?

A: Ellie's attention to detail and ability to create unique and personalized looks for her clients make her stand out in the industry.

Q: How did Ellie Maree build her social media following?

A: By showcasing her talent and sharing valuable content, Ellie attracted a loyal following who appreciate her creativity and authenticity.

Q: What are Ellie Maree's future plans and goals?

A: Ellie aims to continue growing her brand and expanding her influence in the beauty and wellness industries. She hopes to inspire more people to embrace their natural beauty and prioritize self-care.