Emma McGann

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NameEmma McGann
ProfessionPop Singer
Age34 years
Date of BirthMay 29, 1990
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Name: Emma McGann

Occupation: Pop Singer

Birthday: May 29

Birthyear: 1990

Place of Birth: Coventry, England

About Emma McGann

Emma McGann is a talented pop singer-songwriter, TikTok star, and Twitch streamer who has gained international recognition for her catchy singles such as "Cherry On Top," "Teary Eyed," and "Monsters." With a growing fan base on social media platforms, Emma's unique blend of music and engaging content has captivated audiences worldwide.

Early Life and Musical Journey

Emma was born on May 29, 1990, in Coventry, England. From a young age, she showed a passion for music and taught herself how to play the guitar. She honed her craft by performing at local talent shows and open mic circuits, eventually graduating with a first degree in Music Composition.

Rise to Fame

Emma's vibrant personality and signature red and blue hair have made her a standout figure in the music industry. She has been recognized for her online presence, with over 140,000 followers on TikTok and 10,000 followers on Twitch. Her streaming studio, adorned with neon lights and jungle decorations, reflects her creative energy.

Awards and Collaborations

In 2016 and 2018, Emma was a Shorty Awards Finalist for YouNower of the Year and Livestreamer of the Year, respectively. She was also a nominee and finalist for an iHeartRadio Music Award in the Social Star category. Emma has collaborated with renowned artists such as Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park, who produced her song "Teary Eyed" in 2021. She has also shared the stage with blues singer Beth Hart.

Personal Life and Influence

Emma's family has always been supportive of her music career, and her boyfriend is a sound engineer and producer. Influential figures in the industry, such as Nancy Sinatra, have praised Emma's unique blend of sweetness and edge in her music.


Q: What is Emma McGann known for?

A: Emma McGann is known for her catchy singles, vibrant personality, and engaging content on platforms such as TikTok and Twitch.

Q: Has Emma won any awards?

A: Yes, Emma has been a finalist and nominee for prestigious awards such as the Shorty Awards and iHeartRadio Music Award.

Q: Who are some artists Emma has collaborated with?

A: Emma has collaborated with artists such as Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park and blues singer Beth Hart.

Emma McGann's journey as a pop singer continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. With her unique blend of music, engaging content, and vibrant personality, she is set to make a lasting impact on the music industry.