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NameErin Foster
ProfessionTV Actress
Age41 years
Date of BirthAugust 23, 1982
CountryUnited States
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Erin Foster, born on August 23, 1982, in Los Angeles, California, is a talented actress and comedy writer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her journey from a young aspiring actress to a successful writer and producer is filled with hard work, creativity, and dedication.

Early Beginnings

Erin's acting career began in 2002 when she landed roles in popular television series such as Roswell and Judging Amy. She quickly caught the attention of casting directors and producers with her natural talent and charisma on screen. Her early guest appearances on shows like The O.C., NCIS: Los Angeles, and Without a Trace showcased her versatility as an actress.

Professional Growth

As Erin's acting career flourished, she also discovered a passion for writing and comedy. She joined the writing team of the NBC sitcom The New Normal, where she honed her skills as a writer and storyteller. Her unique perspective and sharp wit brought a fresh voice to the show, earning her recognition in the industry.

Barely Famous and Beyond

Erin's collaboration with her sister, Sara Foster, led to the creation of the docu-comedy series Barely Famous on Vh1. The show, which humorously parodied reality television and celebrity culture, was well-received by audiences and critics alike. Erin's comedic timing and comedic sensibilities shone through in her writing and performances, establishing her as a rising talent in the comedy world.

Personal Life

Erin comes from a talented and musical family, as the daughter of renowned music producer David Foster and Rebecca Dyer. Her sister, Sara Foster, is also a writer and actress, making creativity and artistry a central part of their family dynamic. Erin's rumored relationships with celebrities like Harry Styles and Chad Michael Murray have added a touch of glamour to her personal life, but she remains grounded and focused on her career.


Q: What are some of Erin Foster's notable achievements in her career?

  • Guest appearances on popular TV shows like The O.C. and NCIS: Los Angeles
  • Writing for the NBC sitcom The New Normal
  • Creating and starring in the docu-comedy series Barely Famous

Q: What inspires Erin Foster in her creative work?

Erin draws inspiration from her family, her experiences in the entertainment industry, and her unique perspective on life. She infuses her writing and performances with humor, wit, and authenticity, creating work that resonates with audiences.

Q: How has Erin Foster's upbringing influenced her career?

Coming from a family of musicians and artists, Erin was exposed to creativity and expression from a young age. Her parents' support and encouragement helped her pursue her passion for acting and writing, shaping her into the talented and multifaceted artist she is today.

Q: What are Erin Foster's future plans and aspirations?

Erin continues to explore new opportunities in acting, writing, and producing, seeking to challenge herself creatively and expand her horizons in the entertainment industry. She remains dedicated to her craft and looks forward to creating more engaging and entertaining content for audiences to enjoy.