Gokhan Ozen

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NameGokhan Ozen
ProfessionWorld Music Singer
Age44 years
Date of BirthNovember 29, 1979
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Gokhan Ozen, born on November 29, 1979 in Ankara, Turkey, is a highly acclaimed world music singer known for his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. With hit albums like Milyoner and Başka, he has captured the hearts of fans around the world.

Early Life and Career

Gokhan Ozen released his debut album Özelsin in 2000 under the label Şahin Özer Müzik, quickly gaining popularity in the Turkish music scene. His soulful ballads and catchy tunes have earned him a dedicated fan base over the years.

Popular Singles and TV Appearances

Some of Gokhan Ozen's most popular singles, such as "Mis" and "Benden Sorulur," have garnered millions of views on YouTube, showcasing his talent and appeal to a wide audience. In addition to his music career, he has also made appearances on television, including the 2006 show Sevda Çiçeği where he portrayed the character Selim.

Personal Life

In 2010, Gokhan Ozen married Selen Sevigen Özen, and the couple welcomed their daughter, Ada Deren Özen, into the world. Despite his busy schedule as a musician, Gokhan Ozen is dedicated to his family and finds inspiration in their love and support.

Influence and Legacy

Alongside fellow Turkish singer Sila Gencoglu, Gokhan Ozen has made a significant impact on the music industry, showcasing the talent and creativity of artists from Turkey to a global audience. His unique sound and heartfelt lyrics continue to resonate with fans old and new, solidifying his place as a respected and beloved figure in the world of music.

FAQs about Gokhan Ozen

Q: When was Gokhan Ozen born?
A: Gokhan Ozen was born on November 29, 1979 in Ankara, Turkey.

Q: What are some of Gokhan Ozen's popular albums?
A: Some of Gokhan Ozen's popular albums include Milyoner and Başka.

Q: Does Gokhan Ozen have any children?
A: Yes, Gokhan Ozen and his wife Selen Sevigen Özen have a daughter named Ada Deren Özen.

Q: Has Gokhan Ozen appeared on television?
A: Yes, Gokhan Ozen has made television appearances, including the 2006 show Sevda Çiçeği.

Overall, Gokhan Ozen's talent and passion for music have made him a beloved figure in the world of world music, and his influence continues to inspire fans around the world.