Herman Frazier

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NameHerman Frazier
Age69 years
Date of BirthOctober 29, 1954
CountryUnited States
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Early Life and Education

Herman Frazier was born on October 29, 1954, in Pennsylvania, United States. He grew up in Philadelphia with his parents and developed a passion for running at a young age. Frazier went on to attend Arizona State University, where he graduated with a degree in political science.

Athletic Achievements

In 1976, Herman Frazier made history as part of the American men's 4x400 meter relay team that won a gold medal at the Olympics. He also earned a bronze medal for the 400 meters event, showcasing his speed and talent on the track.

Professional Career

After his successful athletic career, Frazier transitioned into a role as an Athletic Director at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and later at the University of Hawaii. His leadership and dedication to sports administration have made a lasting impact on the collegiate athletic community.

Legacy and Influence

Herman Frazier's accomplishments as an Olympic medalist and Athletic Director have solidified his place in sports history. His dedication to excellence and commitment to promoting sports at all levels have inspired many aspiring athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world.

Fun Fact: Connection to Usain Bolt

Interestingly, Herman Frazier shares a common bond with legendary sprinter Usain Bolt. Both athletes have achieved global recognition for their speed and skill on the track, solidifying their status as world-famous sprinters.


In conclusion, Herman Frazier's journey from Olympic gold medalist to esteemed Athletic Director showcases his passion for sports and dedication to excellence. His legacy continues to inspire and motivate individuals in the athletic community and beyond.