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NameJô Soares
ProfessionTV Show Host
Death dateAugust 5, 2022
Date of BirthJanuary 16, 1938
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Name: Jô Soares

Occupation: TV Show Host

Birthday: January 16, 1938

Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

About Jô Soares

Jô Soares is a renowned Brazilian actor and television host, best known for his own TV program, Programa do Jo. He has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, both in Brazil and internationally.

Early Life and Education

Jô Soares studied abroad in Switzerland and the US before returning to Brazil to pursue his professional career in acting and television hosting. His international exposure has influenced his work and made him a versatile entertainer.

Notable Works

One of Jô Soares' notable works is his novel from 1995, "O De Baker Street," which was later adapted into a movie. His creativity and talent extend beyond television, showcasing his skills as a writer and storyteller.

Personal Life

Jô Soares has been married three times, with his third marriage ending in divorce from Flavia Junqueira in 1998. Despite personal challenges, he has continued to thrive in his career and bring joy to audiences worldwide.

Advocacy Work

Jô Soares has been open about his personal experiences, including having a son diagnosed with Autism. His advocacy for Autism awareness and support has made a positive impact on those facing similar challenges.


Jô Soares is not only a talented TV show host but also a multifaceted entertainer with a passion for storytelling and advocacy. His contributions to the entertainment industry and society as a whole make him a beloved figure in Brazil and beyond.