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Kristin Atherton

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NameKristin Atherton
ProfessionStage Actress
Age38 years
Date of BirthJanuary 16, 1986
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Kristin Atherton, born on January 16, 1986 in Yorkshire, England, is a talented British actress who has made a name for herself in the world of stage acting. With a passion for the performing arts and a drive for excellence, Kristin has captivated audiences with her powerful performances and impressive range of skills.

Early Beginnings and Education

Kristin Atherton's journey to success began with her pursuit of a degree in acting at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. It was here that she honed her craft and developed the skills that would later set her apart as a standout talent in the industry.

Professional Achievements

One of Kristin's most notable career highlights came in 2017 when she joined the Royal Shakespeare Company for their season, where she starred in acclaimed productions of Titus Andronicus, Julius Caesar, and Antony and Cleopatra. Her performances garnered critical acclaim and solidified her reputation as a rising star in the world of stage acting.

Television and Film Work

In addition to her stage work, Kristin Atherton has also made a mark on the small screen, appearing on the popular British drama TV series Waterloo Road as the character Vix Spark from 2013 to 2014. She also appeared in the film series RSC Live during the 2017 season, showcasing her versatility as an actress across different mediums.

Inspirations and Future Plans

Kristin has credited her parents' unwavering support as a driving force behind her decision to pursue acting as a career. With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to her craft, she continues to push boundaries and challenge herself with each new role. As she looks towards the future, Kristin Atherton remains a talent to watch in the world of stage acting.

With her talent, dedication, and impressive body of work, Kristin Atherton has established herself as a rising star in the world of stage acting. Her performances have captivated audiences and critics alike, earning her a well-deserved reputation as a versatile and talented actress. As she continues to push boundaries and take on new challenges, Kristin's future in the industry looks bright and promising.

Kristin Atherton Physical Stats

Kristin Atherton stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. She has a slim body shape with measurements of 34-24-36 inches. Her eye color is hazel and her hair is dark brown. She has a height of 1.68 meters and weighs 59 kg.

Kristin Atherton Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Kristin Atherton's estimated net worth is around $5 million. Over the last few years, her net worth has seen a significant increase due to her successful career as a stage actress. In 2021, her net worth was estimated to be around $2 million, which grew to $3.5 million in 2022 and $4.5 million in 2023. This shows a steady increase in her net worth year by year, with a percentile increase of approximately 50% each year. Kristin's main source of income comes from her work as a stage actress, where she has garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fan base for her performances. Additionally, she has also ventured into other avenues such as endorsements and brand partnerships, further adding to her wealth.