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NameKyle Hyland
ProfessionSoccer Player
Age33 years
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1991
CountryUnited States
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Kyle Hyland, born on March 1, 1991 in Ohio, United States, is a talented midfielder who has been making waves in the MLS since his debut with the Columbus Crew in 2013. With a strong foundation in college soccer at Indiana University at Purdue University, Hyland has quickly established himself as a key player in the league.

Early Beginnings and Career

From a young age, Kyle Hyland showed immense potential in soccer, with his father Brad Hyland being his first coach. This early guidance and support laid the groundwork for his successful career in the sport. Hyland's dedication and hard work paid off when he represented the United States at the U-14 level in 2004, showcasing his skills on a national stage.

Joining the Columbus Crew

In 2013, Kyle Hyland joined the Columbus Crew, where he had the opportunity to play alongside talented players like Justin Meram. His time with the Crew has been marked by impressive performances and a growing reputation as a reliable midfielder. Hyland's versatility on the field and his ability to read the game make him a valuable asset to the team.


Q: What position does Kyle Hyland play?

A: Kyle Hyland is a midfielder known for his agility, vision, and passing skills on the field.

Q: How has Kyle Hyland's college soccer experience influenced his professional career?

A: Hyland's time at Indiana University at Purdue University provided him with the training and experience needed to excel in the competitive MLS environment.

Q: What sets Kyle Hyland apart from other players in the MLS?

A: Kyle Hyland's strong work ethic, technical abilities, and tactical awareness make him a standout player in the league.

Overall, Kyle Hyland's journey from a promising young talent to a respected midfielder in the MLS is a testament to his passion for the game and his dedication to constantly improving his skills. With each game, Hyland continues to make a name for himself in American soccer, and his future in the sport looks bright.