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Maria Anna Mozart

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NameMaria Anna Mozart
Death dateOctober 29, 1829
Date of BirthJuly 30, 1751
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Early Life and Background

Maria Anna Mozart, also known as Nannerl, was born on July 30, 1751, in Salzburg, Austria. She was the elder sister of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. From a young age, Maria Anna showed incredible musical talent and began receiving music lessons from her father, Leopold Mozart.

Rise to Fame

By the age of 11, Maria Anna was already performing in front of royalty across Europe. She was hailed as a musical prodigy and gained recognition for her exceptional skills on the harpsichord and violin. Despite her talent, Maria Anna's career was overshadowed by her younger brother Wolfgang, who would go on to become one of the most renowned composers in history.

Personal Life

Maria Anna's personal life was marked by tragedy and loss. She never married and lived with her family for most of her life. After her father's death in 1787, Maria Anna struggled financially and relied on the support of her brother Wolfgang. She passed away on October 29, 1829, at the age of 78.


Despite living in the shadow of her brother, Maria Anna's contributions to music were significant. She inspired many composers of her time and paved the way for future female musicians. Today, she is remembered as a talented musician in her own right and as an important figure in classical music history.

Net Worth

While the exact net worth of Maria Anna Mozart is unknown, it is believed that she did not amass a significant fortune during her lifetime. Most of her earnings were likely used to support herself and her family. However, her legacy as a musical prodigy continues to be celebrated to this day.


Maria Anna Mozart may have been overshadowed by her brother Wolfgang during her lifetime, but her talent and contributions to music should not be overlooked. As a gifted musician and trailblazer for women in classical music, Maria Anna's legacy lives on through her timeless compositions and enduring influence on the world of music.