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NameMaría Juliana
ProfessionReality Star
Age31 years
Date of BirthJune 28, 1992
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María Juliana is a renowned reality star who rose to fame as a contestant on Bigg Boss Tamil 1, a popular reality show aired on Star Vijay. Born on June 28, 1992, in India, María Juliana captivated audiences with her captivating personality and strong presence on the show.

Professional Background

Prior to her appearance on Bigg Boss Tamil 1, María Juliana worked as a nurse, showcasing her caring and compassionate nature. Her dedication to her profession earned her respect and admiration from both colleagues and patients.

Activism and Fame

In 2017, María Juliana gained widespread recognition for her involvement in the Jallikattu protests, where she stood up for the rights of the people and fought for justice. Her activism and courage during this time further solidified her status as a respected public figure.

Social Media Influence

María Juliana's impact extended beyond the television screen, as she amassed a following of over 50,000 on her Twitter account, @lianajohn28. Her engaging posts and positive messages resonated with fans, showcasing her ability to connect with a wide audience.

Bigg Boss Tamil 1 Journey

During her time on Bigg Boss Tamil 1, María Juliana showcased her strength, resilience, and wit, earning her a place in the hearts of viewers. Her interactions with fellow contestants, including the likes of Namitha, added depth and drama to the show, making her a standout presence.

Final Thoughts

María Juliana's journey from a nurse to a reality star and activist is a testament to her versatility and determination. Her impact on the entertainment industry and society at large is undeniable, making her a role model for aspiring individuals looking to make a difference.

Overall, María Juliana's professional achievements, unique skills, and significant projects have solidified her place in the spotlight, showcasing her as a multifaceted talent with a bright future ahead.