Mary Costa

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NameMary Costa
ProfessionOpera Singer
Age94 years
Date of BirthApril 5, 1930
CountryUnited States
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Early Life and Career

Mary Costa was born on April 5, 1930, in Knoxville, Tennessee. She showed an early interest in music and began studying voice at a young age. Her talent was quickly recognized, and she made her professional debut at the age of 17 with the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera.

Rise to Fame

In 1959, Mary Costa landed the role of Princess Aurora in Disney's animated classic "Sleeping Beauty." Her performance as the iconic princess earned her widespread acclaim and solidified her status as a legendary voice in the world of animation.


Mary Costa stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Mary Costa's net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Her successful career as a voice actress and opera singer has contributed to her impressive wealth.

Voice Acting Career

Aside from her role as Princess Aurora, Mary Costa lent her voice to various other animated characters over the years. Her distinctive voice and impeccable vocal range made her a sought-after talent in the industry.

Opera Career

In addition to her work in animation, Mary Costa enjoyed a successful career as an opera singer. She performed in leading roles at prestigious opera houses around the world and received critical acclaim for her performances.

Personal Life

Mary Costa has been married twice and has two children. She is known for her philanthropic work and has been involved in various charitable organizations throughout her career.

Awards and Recognition

Throughout her career, Mary Costa has received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to the world of music and entertainment. She has been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has been inducted into the Disney Legends Hall of Fame.


Mary Costa's legacy as a talented voice actress and opera singer continues to inspire generations of performers. Her timeless performances in "Sleeping Beauty" and other works have left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

Future Projects

Although Mary Costa has largely retired from performing, she continues to be involved in various projects and appearances. Fans can look forward to seeing more from this legendary talent in the years to come.


Mary Costa's remarkable career and lasting impact on the world of music and entertainment make her a true legend. Her talent, dedication, and passion for her craft have earned her a special place in the hearts of fans around the world.