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Zeca Camargo

Zeca Camargo Wiki
NameZeca Camargo
ProfessionTV Show Host
Age61 years
Date of BirthApril 8, 1963
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Zeca Camargo is a well-known Brazilian TV show host, but did you know that he is also a popular Instagram star with a massive following? Let's delve into the life and career of this fascinating personality.

Early Life and Background

Zeca Camargo was born on April 8, 1963, in Uberaba, Brazil. He grew up in a humble household and always had a passion for entertainment and media. From a young age, he dreamt of becoming a TV show host and making a name for himself in the industry.

Rise to Fame

After years of hard work and dedication, Zeca Camargo's dream finally came true when he landed his first TV show hosting gig. His charismatic personality and unique hosting style quickly made him a household name in Brazil. He became known for his witty humor, engaging interviews, and in-depth reporting.

Instagram Stardom

In addition to his successful TV career, Zeca Camargo also found fame on Instagram. He started his account in October 2013 and began sharing travel photos and selfies with his followers. His account quickly gained traction, and he now boasts over 460,000 loyal followers.

Personal Life

Despite his busy schedule, Zeca Camargo always makes time for his friends and family. He is known for his generous spirit and kind heart, often using his platform to raise awareness for important causes and charities.


  • Zeca Camargo shares a birthday with Trayvon Vert, another popular Instagram star.
  • In June 2018, he traveled to Istanbul and documented his adventures on Instagram.


Zeca Camargo's journey from a small town in Brazil to international stardom is truly inspiring. His passion for entertainment, dedication to his craft, and genuine personality have endeared him to fans around the world. Whether on TV or social media, Zeca Camargo continues to captivate audiences with his charm and charisma.